Titanium is

“Titanium” is a definition we use to express our ideas and our
unlimited creativity. A hard, shiny and strong yet less dense
material which makes it easy to form.

About Us

A simple view of us

Titanium is marketing agency Founded in 2019 By Hana Mohsen.

The same meaning of titanium that we are dealing with our clients in making their marketing
strategies and plan.
With the solidity of our plans and the durability of the brands
that we were able to advance and deliver into space with a
titanium missile after we gave them the strength of that durable
metal that is not matched by any other force. We develop on
every client conditions to get the best result in the most effective
and efficient way.
From here, we chose Titanium as our identity name to express
our strong and solid plans and goals in everything related to our

Our services

1-Marketing services:

-Developing strategies and marketing plans
-Managing social media accounts and writing content
-Paid advertising campaigns
-Advertising services
-Marketing through influencers
-Organizing and managing events





2-Media services

-Production of video ads
-Product photography
-Graphic design
-Production of animated films (motion graphics)
-Building and designing trademarks and visual identity (Branding)





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What Our Clients Say

Our partners

Trusted by 150+ Arabian and Egyptian-class brands and organizations of all sizes

Our partners are a part of our success. They are the heroes of our
story, the pioneers and the forward-looking who trusted us and
believed in our mission and shared the way with us, together we
achieved what we are today.

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